Friday, December 24, 2010

On the Up and Up.

So long Atlantic:

And hello hills:

Today's run was 4+ hours of sunny fun. (No rain! Not a drop! Yay!) Google again toyed with me: first telling me running - well, walking - from Hatillo to San Sebastian was 20 miles, then - to Google's credit - navigating me through a complicated short-cut that shaved several miles off the route. Total distance: 24.5 miles. Confused? Me too...)

Leaving the north coast the terrain was more varied, and not all tropical:

I did run through tropical forest but the road was too sketchy to stop for a photo - bringing me to make an observation: there is a lot of traffic on this island - even on the day before Xmas. Where are all these people going?

Inland/upland is more temperate and more Latin than the Atlantic coast - and it looks to be wealthier, too - houses are bigger, the cars I shared the road with are newer and shinier (again w/the cars) and everything looked fresher.

The run ended fast on a two+ mile windy down hill (through that tropical forest) into the San Sebastian valley. Cruising @ 7+ mph I was somewhere between awesome runner running and controlled fall - it felt great!

Of course I'll be climbing out of it tomorrow on the route to Mayaguez - so Xmas day is looking up too ;).

Happy holidays!

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  1. Glad you didn't get "all shook up" too much today. I feel like going for a run now, after reading that. ;-)

  2. Your running observations (hah hah) are an illuminating introduction to PR. Never been there but, thanks to you, I feel that I'm beginning to know the place. Take care of yourself...