Sunday, December 26, 2010

Much Better.

Everything was much better today than yesterday.

There were hills:

... that kept giving...

And there was lots of wide open space:

... with nary a bottle of Gatorade or roast chicken to be found:

And yet everything was much better.

My legs held up well, and I know 16 hours off was not enough time to repair all the hurt done to them yesterday, but my mind was focused and my heart was at peace.

Today felt like the calm after the storm (thinking of all my friends in the Northeast), and so-what that today's run was longer than yesterday's (AND longer than I planned for. Google! Grr!!) And so-what that my hips and feet were still (respectively) sore and angry. And so-what that fuel and water was hard to come by on what was the hottest and driest day I've run since I got here - everything was still much better.

Everything was better today because getting through yesterday - not giving in, nor giving up - I created the opportunity to say "so-what" to all of today's problems. Not, "Bring it on", nor, "It's always something", but, "So-what. I've got someplace I want to be."

Of course, it didn't hurt that today's run ended here:

(That's not my boat. I'm on foot.)

(I've traveled 137 miles and burned 20,549 calories running since Tuesday with one day off. Mayaguez was the farthest point west I'll be on this trip. Paraguera is the farthest south. Tomorrow is a day off. Tuesday I run 30 miles (or so, or maybe not - Google will decide) to Ponce - the largest city on the south side of the island.)

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Location:Paraguera, PR.


  1. Glad you got a rest day, friend. I do too. 12-18 inches of snow will say so. :-)

  2. It took me 6.5 hours to get from Ridgefield to Stoneham tonight because of the snowstorm. Which felt endless until I read about your day yesterday. Keep it up, you're amazing.