Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day Two: Advantage Running (but must not get lost).

I saved $7.50 at the hotel: no car = no parking charge. During the 5 minutes it took to convince the hotel computer I really did get there from San Juan on foot I reflected on today's run - 40 miles, from Dorado to Hatillo - the longest (planned;) run of the trip.

Other than some chaffing from the backpack I feel good, but I really must not make the kinds of stupid navigational errors I made yesterday or I'll end today running into the night.

Weather still overcast with a chance of rain. It rained several hours overnight. Although they aren't the most light-weight, opting for water-proof running shoes was the right choice.

Time to run!

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Location:Cll Kennedy,Dorado,Puerto Rico

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  1. Yeah Ted! Lotsa good causes coming your way from snowy Boston.
    We carry on!