Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wait for it :).

Hi, honey - I'm home.
(In a manner of speaking.)

What a long day at the office.

44 miles: 8:30 running time, 10:00 clock time.

I was pushed hard the whole day long, and even ran in the rain (which I hate!) because I didn't want to run in the dark.

I paid attention and got lost only once, realized it within a half-mile and asked a cop who just happened to be on the right place at the right time (for me) blocking passage onto a road at an intersection which way to go.

He sent me up the closed road.

I took sit-down break for lunch that lasted about 30 minutes and was looking pretty good on time.

Until 3PM - when the rain got too heavy to see through. I was running on a divided highway, traffic was fast and spray was flying everywhere. It seemed wisest to wait out the deluge and found a utility building with a tiny eaves that kept me mostly dry. 45 minutes later the rain slowed enough for me to continue the run. Yes, 45 minutes.

(I have a lot I want to say about climate and Global Warming, and why I chose to run in Puerto Rico and not California in December, but let's keep this blog decent - and on track.)

Night fell 'cause that's what it does (Global Warming or not.) I wasn't happy about it, but at least the rain had stopped.

And then I found out that Google had been lying to me.

An open letter to my dear (and I thought RELIABLE) friend:

Dear and gentle Google,

Why do you toy with me? All day long you assured me I had but 40 miles to run, and then - while, as the last light of day was beating its all too fast retreat - at mile 33 as I studied the route you'd been showing all day and mentioned how I was looking forward to a hot bath you suddenly announced not 7 miles to go but 11. Yes, I know you will claim your right to a 10% margin of error just after reminding me with real hurt in your voice that you offer your service for free, but still: those extra 4 miles were a b*tch.

Anyway - no harm done 'cause I made it to the hotel before the kitchen (and bar) closed.

44 miles. I don't plan on doing that again.

For at least another week. ;).

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Location:Between Dorado and Hatillo


  1. You are a God among men. I will never doubt you again.

  2. See Ted. See Ted run. Run, Ted, run! and run and run and run.....

    Go Ted!

  3. Great run, Ted! Hope you will be able to post some pix.