Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Umm. Heh-heh. What was I thinking?!

This is Dorado.

I finally made it.

On the way I ran the wrong way through a toll-booth (running against traffic whenever possible), was rain delayed four times, and still got rained on, had two beers, ate two tacos and two energy bars and drank about six liters of water and a quart of Gatorade.

I got lost several times - including running around the same block twice in San Juan to the amusement of a woman sitting in her car and the aggravation of a poodle who chased me both times. I managed to avoid running into cul-de-sacs, so my pride is intact (also the Poodle didn't catch me).

Several people honked their horns at me and gave me shout outs, one guy laughed in my face when I told him I was running to Dorado today (he did ask) but the Concierge at tonight's hotel acted as if people run to here from the airport all the time. (Google says the run I did today is 24.5 miles long. I clocked in at 28 miles, even. Must work on not getting lost!)

Running in SJ was much harder than I'd expected and for a while it felt as if I'd never get out of there - what an enormous city! (Maybe someone will post the population - I'm too Googled to beat it).
(Wikipedia says 395,326 in 2010.)

West of Levittown the scenery turned beautiful. I ran on the coast which is in a flood zone and undeveloped. The contrast with San Juan was remarkable.

Traveling at a trot is tremendous fun - it is easy to notice details yet nobody seems to notice you noticing them. I feel I know San Juan a lot better than I ought to given how little time I was there, but running across a city really opens it up.

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  1. Ten years ago, San Juan had 658,304 people. About the size of Boston. But it can seem much bigger when you keeping running around the block!