Thursday, December 30, 2010

Everyone please stop worrying! (No, don't. ;)

I made it, am safely in a hotel in San Juan and need to be hosed down.

I'll share the incredible day that was today tomorrow, but for tonight "Toes Down and Go!" belongs to my good friend Cindy Springford, without whom the story I have to tell would be very different.

I called her last night to talk about my injury.

Cindy is a certified Coach and knew just what to tell me to do so I could run and how to tell me so I didn't have to worry about the incessant pain I "enjoyed" with every other step during 12+ hours and 53.26 miles today.

It felt great to run. It hurt like paying taxes, getting a tooth pulled and getting waxed - all at the same time. But I got to run farther than I ever have before today. Farther than I thought I could.

She's good. The proof: I'm here, and feeling pretty good about taxes, dentists, and wax.

Thanks, my friend! :).

Location:San Juan, PR.


  1. Congratulations Ted! And hats off to Cindy! Eager to learn the full story. We were quite worried.


  2. Congrats!!! I knew you could do it! But what about this waxing? ;^) Call me tomorrow on my cell -- I'm still in Michigan...

  3. Hurrah! You are victorious, my friend. A great accomplishment! Enjoy.

  4. I was enthralled following your blog. You completed an amazing feat both physically and emotionally. Congratulations from another fan. Linda Charman